What a strange thing

What a strange thing

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Ludovic Gavillet
Derya Kocaurlu
Lucas Hudson
Colin Jean-Saunier

Thanks Tracy :)

The Maker 
Director: Christopher Kezelos
Paul Halley



i love this! 

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I don’t usually reblog stuff that are too popular, especially if they went viral at some point (i know. I’m quite a hipster). But I kind of like this. ^^

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The Ventriloquist
Benjamin Leavitt


Motoi Yamamoto makes elaborate installations using a very nontraditional contemporary art material, table salt.

For the latest installment of The Avant/Garde Diaries, the Japanese artist traveled to the salt flats of western Utah to discuss life, death, rebirth, and his elaborate patterns that can resemble the powerful metrological patterns of typhoons or hurricanes.

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Beautiful.  I should look into more creative use of framing in my own videos.


Love recipe (2009) - Felipe Pizarro S,Frédéric Bajou, Morgan Bourdon, Jiun Yiing Mow, Loïc Paoli

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Owl Know How from Isobel Knowles on Vimeo.


Owl Know How
Isobel Knowles

A cute short about how owls are made. (Dear Wen Juan showed this to me!)